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ABOUT SHREDD-ITSHREDD-IT is a 21 day program designed to help anyone to get into a routine and/or habit of healthy balanced eating by assisting it’s participants through a one-on-one online coaching support program.

SHREDD-IT is open to participants from all over the world and provides structure, personal coaching, tracking, meal plan advice, workouts and motivation to reach their goals.

The SHREDD-IT program is designed to expose participants to a healthy, sustainable way of eating that can be carried forward way beyond the SHREDD-IT program.  SHREDD-IT boasts a well rounded plan that can be adjusted once you have reached your goals and maintain them long term.

We encourage daily communication between the participant and their Coach, so that together, we can correct any bad eating habits as and when  they present themselves.  Your Coach’s role is to gently guide you into your new way of eating in a personal, motivated environment.

Our Coaches are Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members and the SHREDD-IT program is designed around the Herbalife Nutrition meal replacement program as well as a balanced meal plan, plenty of water and exercise.  

There is an Entry Fee to SHREDD-IT, however, all monies are awarded to the participant who has the best overall results after the 21 day  program.


SHREDD-IT is not a rapid weight loss program.  It is not a rapid muscle gain program either.  It is an online support structure to help it’s participants develop a  well rounded, healthy, sustainable way of eating and exercising that can be adjusted and maintained in the long term.